Luberfiner LH4912 Power Steering Cooler For DRESSER,KOMATSU,SAMSUNG

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Luberfiner LH4912 Power Steering Cooler For DRESSER,KOMATSU,SAMSUNG


Make Model Year Engine
DRESSER(Excavators) (Also see International Harvester); 6120 (w/Dresser 410T eng.)
KOMATSU(Compactors); WF22A-2, WF22T-2 (w/Cummins NTC743 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D12
KOMATSU(Dozers); D135A-1
KOMATSU(Dozers); D150A-1, D155A-1, D155A-2 (w/Komatsu S6D155 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D155 AX-3 (w/Komatsu S6D140 eng.) (S/N 60001-up)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D155 AX-5 (w/Komatsu S6D140-1 eng.) (S/N 70001-up)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D275A-2, D275-2D (w/S6D170 Eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D275AX-5, D275AX-5SL (w/SDA6D140E-3 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D355A-1 (w/S6D155 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D50A-16, D50P-16, D50PL-16, D50S-16 (w/4D130 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D53S-17 (w/4D130 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D65E-12, D65P-12 (w/6D125-1, -2 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D65EX, D65EX-12, D65P-12, D65PX-12 (w/S6D125-1, S6D125E-2 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D75S-3 (w/Cummins, NT0-6-C1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D75S-5 (w/S6D125-1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D80A-18, D80E-18, D80F-18, D80P-18 (w/Cummins NT855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D85A-18, D85E-18, D85F-18, D85P-18 (w/Cummins NT855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D85A-21, D85E-21, D85P-21 (w/Komatsu S6D125 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D95S-1 (w/Komatsu S4D155-4 eng.)
KOMATSU(Dozers); D95S-2 (w/Cummins NT-855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-1, PC100L-1, PW100-1, PC120-1 (w/Komatsu S4D105-5 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-2, PC100L-2, PC100U-2, PC120-2 (w/Komatsu S4D105-5 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-3, PC100L-3 (w/Komatsu 6D95L-1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-5
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-6 (w/Komatsu S4D95L eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC100-6 (w/S4D102E eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC120-1, PC120-2 (w/Komatsu S4D105-5 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC120-3 (w/Komatsu eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC120-5 (w/Komatsu S4D95L eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC120-6 (w/S4D102E eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC120-6 (w/S4D95L eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC128uu-1 (w/S4D95L eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC130-5K
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC130-6 (w/S4D102E eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC150-3, PC150LC-3, PC180LC-3 (w/Komatsu S6D95L-1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC150-5 (w/S6D95L-1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC150-6, PC150LC-6 (w/S4D120E eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC150-AV (w/S495L eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC160-6K
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC180 (w/Perkins 1004-4T eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC180L, PC180L-LC3 (w/ S6D95L-1P eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PC180L-3, PC180L-LC3 (w/ S6D95L-1P eng.)
KOMATSU(Excavators); PW100-3, PW100N-3 (w/Komatsu S6D95L-1 eng.) Serial No. 1601-up
KOMATSU(Excavators); PW170-1 (w/Perkins 1004-4T eng.)
KOMATSU(Loaders); WA300-1, WA320-1 (w/Komatsu S6D105-1 eng.)
KOMATSU(Motor Graders); GD725A-1 (w/Komatsu S6D125 eng.)
KOMATSU(Off Highway Trucks); HD320-2, HD320-3 (w/Cummins NTA855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Off Highway Trucks); HD325-2, HD325-3 (w/Cummins KT1150 eng.)
KOMATSU(Off Highway Trucks); HD460-1 (w/Cummins VT1710 eng.)
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS16S-2 (w/Cummins NTA-855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS16S-3
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS23-1 (w/Cummins NTA-855 eng.)
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS23-2 (w/Komatsu S6D140-1 engs.)
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS23S-1 (w/Cummins KT1150 eng.)
KOMATSU(Scrapers); WS23S-2 (w/Komatsu SA6D140-1 eng.)
SAMSUNG(Crawler Tractors); SD250 (w/Cummins LT10-C)


Brand:Power Steering Cooler by Luberfiner For DRESSER,KOMATSU,SAMSUNG |
Part Number:lh4912
Part Type: Power Steering Cooler
Comment:Modern hydraulic systems need clean fluid to operate safely and effectively. Efficient filtration reduces wear, guards against system failure and promotes maximum equipment performance and uptime. Minimize contaminants and protect your investment with reliable Luber-finerĀ® filtration.


Name Value
Height:11.56 [294mm]
I.D.:3.37 [86mm]
O.D.:5.12 [130mm]
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