Luberfiner LFF3526 Fuel Filter For AKERMAN,EMD,VOLVO,VOLVO BM

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Luberfiner LFF3526 Fuel Filter For AKERMAN,EMD,VOLVO,VOLVO BM


Make Model Year Engine
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); EC650
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); EW130, EW150 (w/TD40 eng.)
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); EW230 (w/TD61 eng.)
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); EW230B (w/TD63KIE eng.)
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); H14B, H14BLC (w/Volvo TD71 ACE eng.)
AKERMAN(Excavators) (Also see VME/Volvo-BM); H7C Serial No. 1471-up
EMD(Locomotive); 645 Series
EMD(Marine); ME8E6, ME12E6, ME16E6, MP8E6, MP12E6, MP16E6
EMD(Marine); ME8F7B, ME8G7A, ME12F7B, ME12G7A, ME16F7B, ME16G7A, ME20F7B, ME20G7A
VOLVO(Articulated Dump Trucks); A20 (w/Volvo TD71G eng.)
VOLVO(Articulated Dump Trucks); A20C, A25C
VOLVO(Articulated Dump Trucks); A25, A25B (w/Volvo TD71K eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC130, EC150 (w/Perkins eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC130C, EC150C (w/ Volvo TD40CK eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC150C (w/TD40 eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC200, EC230 (w/ TD61 or TD63 engs.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC230B (w/TD63KIE eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EC300
VOLVO(Excavators); EC420, EC620
VOLVO(Excavators); EC450, EC650 (w/TD122 eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EW130, EW150 (w/TD40 eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EW130C, EW150C (w/TD40 eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EW200 (w/TD63KHE eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EW230 (w/TD61 eng.)
VOLVO(Excavators); EW230B (w/TD63KIE eng.)
VOLVO(Loaders); L120, L120B (w/Volvo TD71G eng.)
VOLVO(Loaders); L160 High Lift (w/Volvo TD102, TD102GB eng.)
VOLVO(Loaders); L190, L190B (w/Volvo eng.)
VOLVO(Loaders); L90, L90B (w/Volvo TD61GB eng.)
VOLVO(Loaders); L90C (w/Volvo DT63KBE eng.)
VOLVO BM(Dump Trucks); DR860, DR860T, DR860TC, DR860TL (w/TD50A, TD50B eng.)
VOLVO BM(Dump Trucks); DR860S, DR861 (w/Volvo eng.)
VOLVO BM(Excavators); GM616B (w/Volvo D42 eng.)
VOLVO BM(Excavators); GM646 (w/Volvo TD42 eng.)
VOLVO BM(Loaders); 5350, 5350B
VOLVO BM(Loaders); LM1640 Series 1442-on
VOLVO BM(Wheel Loaders); 4300, 4300B (w/TD45 eng.)
VOLVO BM(Wheel Loaders); 4400 (w/TD42 eng.)
VOLVO BM(Wheel Loaders); 4500, 4500B (w/TD70G, TD70H eng.)
VOLVO BM(Wheel Loaders); 4600, 4600B (w/TD100A, TD100G eng.)


Brand:Fuel Filter by Luberfiner For AKERMAN,EMD,VOLVO,VOLVO BM |
Part Number:lff3526
Part Type: Fuel Filter
Comment:Oil is the lifeblood of the heavy duty engine. Luber-finerĀ® high-efficiency oil filters provide protection from oil contaminants to help ensure optimal performance. Efficient filtration can reduce wear, guard against system failure and promote maximum equipment performance and uptime.


Name Value
Height:6.88 [175mm]
I.D.:1"-12 UNF-2B Thd.
O.D.:3.81 [97mm]
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