Luberfiner LAF9092 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR

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Luberfiner LAF9092 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR


Make Model Year Engine
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 311CU (w/3064 eng.) (S/N CKE)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 312D, 312DL (w/Cat. C4.2 Acert eng.) (S/N HCW, JBC, TGY) 2008-
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 312D2, 312D2 GC, 312D2 L (w/Caterpillar 3054C eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 315DL (w/Cat. C4.2 Acert eng.) 2008-
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 317
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 319C w/ Caterpillar 3066 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 320D, 320DL (w/3066 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 320D, 320DL (w/C6.4 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 320DL, 320DLRR (w/Cat. 6.4 Acert eng.) 2008-
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 330D, 330DL, 330DLN (w/C9 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 336DL (w/Caterpillar C9 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 336E Hybrid (w/Caterpillar C9.3 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 336E,336E LC (w/Caterpillar C9.3 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 345CL (w/C13 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 349DL (w/C13 eng.) (S/N RBJ)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 349EL,349E VG (w/Caterpillar C13 Acert Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 349F, 349F L XE (w/Caterpillar C13 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 365B, 365BL (w/3196 eng.) (S/N AGD, 9PZ, 9TZ)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 365C (w/C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 390D, 390DLC (w/Caterpillar C18 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 5110B, 5110BL (w/3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); M313D (w/C4.4 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); M315D (w/C4.4 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); M316D (w/Caterpillar 6.6 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); M318D (w/ C6.6 Acert Eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); M322D (w/ C6.6 Acert Eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 320D FM (w/Caterpillar C6.4 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 324D FM (w/Caterpillar C7 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 325D FM (w/Caterpillar C7 Engine)


Brand:Air Filter by Luberfiner For CATERPILLAR |
Part Number:laf9092
Part Type: Air Filter
Comment:Luber-finerĀ® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency


Name Value
Height:1.10 [28mm]
Length:23.62 [600mm]
Width:4.84 [123mm]
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