Luberfiner LAF47 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,DEUTZ

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Luberfiner LAF47 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,DEUTZ


Make Model Year Engine
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); AP1000, AP1050, AP1050B (w/Caterpillar 3116 eng.) (S/N 1HD22-up, 1
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CP533 (S/N 3ZL)
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CP563, CP563C
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CS531, CS533 (S/N 3BL, 3WM, 4HL, 4KM)
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CS563 (S/N 8XF)
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CS573, CS583 (S/N 1EL, 8PK, 8YJ)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 941
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 941B (S/N 80H3884-80H5702)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 943 (w/Caterpillar 3204 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 951B, 951C (w/Caterpillar 3304 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 955H (S/N 60A1-)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D4D (exc. S/N 20J, 22C)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D4E, D4E SR (w/ 3304 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D4H, D4H Series III, D4H TSK, D4H XL
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D5, D5 Turbo
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D6B
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 215 (w/Caterpillar 3204 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 215B, 215BSA (w/3204 eng.) (S/N 9YB, 4FC)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); E100 (w/Caterpillar 3204 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); E180, EL180 (w/Caterpillar 3204 eng.) (S/N IRF-1-up, INF-up, 4EF1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 112F (S/N 46D1-up, 89J1-up, 82F1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12 (S/N 80C)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 120G (w/Caterpillar 3304 eng.) (S/N 4HD)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12E (S/N 99E1-up, 2IF1)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12G (S/N 3PL, 3WC)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 130G (S/N 12W1, 74V1-)
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3114
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3116
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3304, 3304B
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3306
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3306B
CATERPILLAR(Integrated Toolcarriers); IT18 (S/N 7ZB, 9NB1-)
CATERPILLAR(Integrated Toolcarriers); IT18B (S/N 1DF, 2NS, 4ZD)
CATERPILLAR(Integrated Toolcarriers); IT28, IT28B (S/N 2KC1-up, 5SD1-up, 1HF1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Lift Trucks); V160B thru V200B (w/Caterpillar 3208 eng.) (S/N 67Y, 68Y, 84Y, 9AF)
CATERPILLAR(Lift Trucks); V200B thru V225B (w/Caterpillar 3208 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Lift Trucks); V250B thru V330B (w/Caterpillar 3208 eng.) (S/N 71Y, 72Y, 86Y)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 508 (w/Caterpillar 3204 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 518 (S/N 50S1-up, 78P1-up, 94U1-up, 95U1-up, 5501-up)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 518C (w/Caterpillar 3304 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 950 Tree Harvester
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 561B (S/N 62A1-)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); DW-10
CATERPILLAR(Telescopic Handlers); RT50SA (S/N 8DJ1)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 916 (S/N 2XB, 5KC, 9WB)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 920
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 922A, 922B
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 926, 926E, 926F (S/N 4NB)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 930
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 930M (w/Caterpillar C7.1 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 930T (w/Cat. 3304 eng.) (S/N 17B, 57)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 938M (w/Caterpillar C7.1 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 944, 944A
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 950
DEUTZ(Construction Equipment); DL50, DR50, DL500, DR500 (w/F4L812 eng.)
DEUTZ(Construction Equipment); DL75, DR75, DL750, DR750 (w/F4L514F eng.)5/65-
DEUTZ(Construction Equipment); DR100, DL120, DR120, DRM120, DR1250, DRM12505/65-


Brand:Air Filter by Luberfiner For CATERPILLAR,DEUTZ |
Part Number:laf47
Part Type: Air Filter
Comment:Luber-finerĀ® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency


Name Value
Height:12.50 [318mm]
O.D.:9.22 [234mm]
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