Luberfiner LAF4508 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR

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Luberfiner LAF4508 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR


Make Model Year Engine
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D8L (S/N 4FB, 53Y, 7CJ, 7YB)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D9N (w/Caterpillar 3408 eng.) (S/N 1JD, 6XJ, 6YF)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D9R (w/Caterpillar 3408 eng.) (S/N ABK, ACL,JJB, 7TL, 8BL,WDM)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 589 (w/Caterpillar 3408 eng.) (S/N 31Z, 9BA)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 621E/F, 623E/F, 627E/F (w/C15 Tier III eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 623G (w/Caterpillar C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 627G (w/Caterpillar 3306 eng.) (S/N AYK1-)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 627G tractor (w/Caterpillar C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 631E Tractor (w/3408 series eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 633E Series II
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 637E
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 637G (w/3306 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 994 (w/Cat. 3516 eng.)


Brand:Air Filter by Luberfiner For CATERPILLAR |
Part Number:laf4508
Part Type: Air Filter
Comment:Luber-finerĀ® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency


Name Value
Height:11.81 [300mm]
I.D. Bottom:6.17 [157mm]
I.D. Top:Closed
O.D. Bottom:8.31 [211mm]
O.D. Top:7.81 [198mm]
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