Luberfiner LAF4505 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,CHALLENGER

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Luberfiner LAF4505 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,CHALLENGER


Make Model Year Engine
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); RM350B (w/Caterpillar 3406C eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); SS250B (w/Caterpillar 3406C eng.) (S/N 5GR)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D10R (w/Caterpillar 3412E eng.) (S/N AKT)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D10T (w/Caterpillar C27 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D10T2 (w/Caterpillar C27 eng.) S/N JJW & RAB
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D11N (S/N 4HK, 74Z)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D8R (S/N 6YZ, 7XM, 9EM)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D8R Series II (w/Caterpillar 3406E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D8T (w/Cat. C15 eng.) (S/N J8B, KPZ)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D9G
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D9H (w/Caterpillar D353 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Dump Trucks); D550 (S/N 4RD1-)
CATERPILLAR(Dump Trucks); D550B (S/N 5ND1-)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 245B, 245D (S/N 1SJ1, 4LK1, 6MF1)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 5110B, 5110BL (w/3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Farm Equipment); Challenger 85C, 85D (w/3176 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Farm Equipment); Challenger 85E, 95E (w/3196 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Farm Equipment); Challenger MT835, MT845 (w/C12 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Farm Equipment); Challenger MT855 (w/C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Farm Equipment); Challenger MT865 (w/C16 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 14M3 (w/C13 Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3412, 3412C, 3412E
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); C10, C12
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); C13
CATERPILLAR(Mining Equipment); R1700 Series II
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 768C
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 769C (w/ 3408 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 769D (w/Caterpillar 3408E eng.) (S/N 5SS, 5TR, 8BB)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 771C (w/Caterpillar 3408 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 771D (w/3408E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 772B
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 773B (S/N 63W1-)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 773D (w/Caterpillar 3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 773D (w/Caterpillar 3412E TA eng.) (S/N 7ER)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 773E (w/3412E eng.) (S/N BDA)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 775D (w/ 3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Off Highway Trucks); 775E (w/3412E eng.) (S/N BEC)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 583R (w/3406C eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 583T (w/C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 587R (w/Caterpillar 3176C Engine)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 587T (w/C15 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 594H (S/N 96V1-)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); PL83 (w/Caterpillar C15 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); PL87 (w/Caterpillar C15 engine)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 631D (S/N 24W1-)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 633D, 633E (S/N 25W1-)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 637D Tractor
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 639D
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 651B (S/N 67K1-)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 651E (w/Caterpillar 3412E eng.) (S/N 88Z1-up, 89Z1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 657E (S/N 6PR, 86Z, 87Z, 90Z, 91Z)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 814F Series II (w/Cat. C9 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 815F Series II (w/Cat. C9 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 815F Series II (w/Caterpillar C9 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 815F, 816F (w/Caterpillar 3176C ATAAC eng.) S/N BKL, BMR
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 816F Series II (w/Caterpillar C9 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 825G II, 826G II (w/3406E ATAAC eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 825G, 826G S/N 6RN1-, 7LN1-
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 826G (w/Caterpillar 3406 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 826G II (w/3406 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 834B S/N 92Z1-
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 844 (w/Caterpillar 3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 844H (w/C27 Acert eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 966G Series II (S/N AXJ)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 972G Series II (wCat. 3196 eng.)(S/N AXC, AXN)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 980F, 980F Series II (S/N 3HK, 5XJ, 8CJ, 8NJ)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 980G (w/Cat. 3406C eng.) (S/N 2KR, 9KR)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 980G Series II
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 988B
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 988F, 988F Series II
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 990 Series II (w/3412E eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 990H (w/C27 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 992C, 992D (w/Cat. 3412 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 994D (w/3516B eng.)
CHALLENGER(Tractors); MT835, MT845 (w/C12 eng.)
CHALLENGER(Tractors); MT835B, MT845B (w/C15 eng.)
CHALLENGER(Tractors); MT855 (w/C15 eng.)
CHALLENGER(Tractors); MT865 (w/C16 eng.)


Brand:Air Filter by Luberfiner For CATERPILLAR,CHALLENGER |
Part Number:laf4505
Part Type: Air Filter
Comment:Luber-finerĀ® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency


Name Value
Height:15.53 [394mm]
I.D.:8.22 [209mm]
O.D.:12.44 [316mm]
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