Luberfiner LAF335 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,LULL,WAGNER

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Luberfiner LAF335 Air Filter For CATERPILLAR,LULL,WAGNER


Make Model Year Engine
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); CB614, CB624
CATERPILLAR(Compactors & Paving Equipment); PS500 (S/N 7XD)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 955K (S/N 61H1-up, 85J1-4729, 85J4732-4733, 85J4737)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Loaders); 955L
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D4E, D4E SR (w/ 3304 eng.)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D5, D5 Turbo
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D5B
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D5E, D5H
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D5H, D5H LGP, D5H LGP Series II, D5H XL
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D6C (w/Single lube filter)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D6C Turbo (w/Dual lube element)
CATERPILLAR(Crawler Tractors); D6D, D6D LGP, D6D SR, D6E
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 215 (w/3304 eng.) (S/N 95Z1)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 215B (w/3204 eng.) (S/N 2XC, 3LC)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 215C, 215D (4HG, 5CF, 9TF1-)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 219, 219D (S/N 4HG, 5CF1, 5XG)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 225 (w/3208 eng.) (S/N 51U, 61X)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 225 (w/3304 eng.) (S/N 20S-up, 76U-up)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 225B (w/3304 eng.) (S/N 1AG, 3YD)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 225BLC (w/3208 eng.) (S/N 1GF, 2ZD)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 225DLC (w/Caterpillar 3304 eng.) (S/N 6RG)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 227 (S/N 1OW1)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); 229, 229D
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); E240, EL240, EL240B (S/N 1FG1-up, 4JF1-up, 5WG1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Excavators); E300, EL300 (S/N 2CF1-up, 4NF1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 120 (S/N 13U1-)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 120, 120B (S/N 10R1-up, 14K1-up, 22R1-up, 32C1-up, 64U1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12F (S/N 13K1-)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12F (S/N 73G1-)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 12F (S/N 89H1-)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 140, 140A (S/N 11R, 14U)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 14E (S/N 12K1-)
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 14E, 14G
CATERPILLAR(Graders); 16 (S/N 49G1-)
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3208
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3304, 3304B
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3306
CATERPILLAR(Industrial); 3306B
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 227
CATERPILLAR(Logging Equipment); 528 (S/N 51S1-up, 51S129-up, 97C1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 561C, 561D (S/N 85H1-up, 92J1-up, 54X1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Pipelayers); 561D
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 613, 613B
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 619C
CATERPILLAR(Scrapers); 627 (S/N 50K1-up, 68M1-878)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 814 S/N 90P157-, 14R1-
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 815 S/N 91P1-91P243
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 816 S/N 15U1-
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Dozers-Compactors); 824C S/N 29G1-, 36H1-
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 966A, B (S/N 33A1-up, 75A1-up)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 966C (S/N 76J-up, 30K-up, 9KC)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 980 (S/N 42H1-)
CATERPILLAR(Wheel Loaders); 980B (S/N 89P1-1878)
LULL(Equipment); 2044B, 3044 (w/Caterpillar 3208 eng.)
WAGNER(Tractors); ST-5AS Loader (w/Caterpillar 3306 eng.)


Brand:Air Filter by Luberfiner For CATERPILLAR,LULL,WAGNER |
Part Number:laf335
Part Type: Air Filter
Comment:Luber-finerĀ® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency


Name Value
Height:14.52 [369mm]
I.D. Bottom:4.62 [118mm]
I.D. Top:4.64 [118mm]
O.D. Bottom:9.06 [230mm]
O.D. Top:6.25 [159mm]
Packaged:1 Gasket
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