Luberfiner FP862F Fuel Filter For CASE,DAVIS,DROTT

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Luberfiner FP862F Fuel Filter For CASE,DAVIS,DROTT


Make Model Year Engine
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 480C (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 480CK (w/G188D eng.)
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 480D, 480LL (w/Case G188D eng.)
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 580B Road Runner
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 580B, 580CK (w/G188D Diesel eng.)
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 580C
CASE(Backhoe-Loaders); 580D, 580 Super D (w/Case G207D eng.)
CASE(Concrete Pumps); P50
CASE(Concrete Pumps); T-50, TB-50
CASE(Crawler Dozers); 350
CASE(Crawler Dozers); 350B
CASE(Crawler Dozers); 450 (w/207 Engine)
CASE(Crawler Dozers); 450B, 455B
CASE(Diesel); G-188D
CASE(Diesel); G-207D
CASE(Lift Trucks); 584, 585, 586 C & D Series
CASE(Skid Steer Loaders); 1740 (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Skid Steer Loaders); 1835 (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Skid Steer Loaders); 1835B (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Skid Steer Loaders); 1845 (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Skid Steer Loaders); 1845B (w/Diesel eng.)
CASE(Tractors); 400 diesel (w/G188D eng.)
CASE(Tractors); 470 (w/G188D eng.)
CASE(Wheel Loaders); W-11 (w/G207D eng.)
CASE(Wheel Loaders); W-3D (w/G188D eng.)
CASE(Wheel Loaders); W-4 (w/Case 207 eng.)
CASE(Wheel Loaders); W-5A (w/G188D eng.)
CASE(Windrowers); 1150, 1155 (w/Case eng.)
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); 580B Road Runner
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); 70 + 4 Ditcher (w/Case G207D eng.)
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); DH-5 (S/N 1187961-)
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); DH-5 (w/Case 188 eng.)
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); Roadrunner (w/Case 188D eng.)
DAVIS(Construction Equipment); TF1000 (w/Case 207 eng.)
DROTT(Excavators); 3330 Carry Deck Crane (w/Case 188 diesel eng.)


Brand:Fuel Filter by Luberfiner For CASE,DAVIS,DROTT |
Part Number:fp862f
Part Type: Fuel Filter
Comment:A quality Luber-finerĀ® Fuel Filter can remove fuel contaminants and microbes. Scheduled maintenance and use of Luber-finerĀ®'s Fuel Filters are vital to protecting your fuel system and equipment investment.


Name Value
Height:4.99 [127mm]
I.D. Bottom:Drain Plug
I.D. Top:15/16-16UN-2B Thread
O.D.:3.81 [96.7mm]
Packaged:1 Gasket
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