CARQUEST Filters 85513 Hydraulic Filter For CASE

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CARQUEST Filters 85513 Hydraulic Filter For CASE


Make Model Year Engine
CASEDozers; 1150B; 1150B w/A451BD, A451BDT Engs.
CASEDozers; 1150C; 1150C w/Diesel Eng.
CASEDozers; 1150D; 1150D w/A504BD, A504BDTDiesel Eng.
CASEDozers; 1150E; 1150E w/6-830, 6T-830 Engs.
CASEDozers; 1150E; 1150E w/6T-590 Eng.
CASEDozers; 1150G; 1150G w/Cummins Eng.
CASEDozers; 1450; 1450 w/A504BDT Eng.
CASEDozers; 1450B; 1450B w/A504BDT Eng.
CASEDozers; 650; 650 w/4T-390 Eng.
CASEDozers; 650G; 650G w/4T-390 Eng.
CASEDozers; 850B; 850B
CASEDozers; 850C; 850C w/A336BDT Eng.
CASEDozers; 850D; 850D w/6-590 Eng.
CASEDozers; 850E; 850E w/6-590 Eng.
CASEDozers; 850G; 850G, 850H w/6T-590 Eng.
CASEDozers; 850H; 850G, 850H w/6T-590 Eng.
CASELoaders; 1155D; 1155D Crawler Loader w/A504BD, A504BDT Engs.
CASELoaders; 1155E; 1155E Crawler Loader w/6T-590 Eng.
CASELoaders; 1455B; 1455B Crawler Loader w/A504BDT Eng.
CASELoaders; 600; 600 Tree Skidder
CASELoaders; 600SK Log Skidder; 600SK Skid King Log Skidder
CASELoaders; 800SK Log Skidder; 800SK, 825SK Skid King Log Skidders
CASELoaders; 825 Tree Skidder; 825 Tree Skidder
CASELoaders; 825SK Log Skidder; 800SK, 825SK Skid King Log Skidders
CASELoaders; 855C; 855C Crawler Loader w/A336BDT Eng.
CASELoaders; 855D; 855D Crawler Loader w/6-590 Eng.
CASELoaders; 855E; 855E Crawler Loader w/6-590 Eng.


Brand:Hydraulic Filter by CARQUEST Filters For CASE |
Part Number:85513
Part Type: Hydraulic Filter


Name Value
Carquest SKU10693146
ContainsReinforced Centertube
Country CodeUS
DescriptionMaximum Performance Glass Hydraulic Element
F. Gskt.[1] Included
FitsCase Equipment
Grommets[1] Attached Small End
Height (mm)228.6
ID1 mm11.9
ID22 1/4
ID2 mm57.2
OD14 1/2
OD1 mm114.3
ReplacesCase L52029, R51643
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