Champion Labs PH7028 Engine Oil Filter For HONDA,KAWASAKI,KYMCO,TRIUMPH,YAMAHA

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Champion Labs PH7028 Engine Oil Filter For HONDA,KAWASAKI,KYMCO,TRIUMPH,YAMAHA


Make Model Year Engine
HONDACB1000 Custom; 1000cc1994-95
HONDACB400F CB1; 400cc1989-90
HONDACB750 Nighthawk; 750cc1991-04
HONDACBF1000; 1000cc2007-2010
HONDACBR1000F; 1000cc1987-96
HONDACBR1000RR; 1000cc2005-2014
HONDACBR1100XX; 1100cc1997-04
HONDACBR600F; 600cc1987-90
HONDACBR600F2; 600cc1991-94
HONDACBR600F3, CBR600F4; 600cc1995-2000
HONDACBR900RR; 900cc1993-99
HONDACBR929RR; 900cc2000-01
HONDACBR954RR; 900cc2002-04
HONDAGL1500 Goldwing; 1500cc1988-90
HONDAGL1500A Aspencade; 1500cc1991-00
HONDAGL1500C, CT Valkyrie; 1500cc1997-02
HONDAGL1500I Interstate; 1500cc1991-96
HONDAGL1500SE Goldwing SE; 1500cc1990-00
HONDAGL1800 (Gold Wing); 1800cc2001-2014
HONDANT650 Hawk GT; 650cc1988-91
HONDAPC800 Pacific Coast; 800cc1989-90
HONDARVT1000R RC51; 1000cc2000-06
HONDAST1100, ST1100A; 1100cc1991-2003
HONDAValkyne Rune; 1800cc2004-05
HONDAVF750C Magna, Deluxe; 750cc1994-03
HONDAVFR750F Interceptor; 750cc1986-86
HONDAVFR750R; 750cc1990
HONDAVT1100, Shadow, Shadow Sabre, Shadow Spirit; 1100cc1995-2007
HONDAVT1100C Shadow; 1100cc1989-94
HONDAVT600 Shadow; 600cc1988-07
HONDAVT750 Shadow, Aero, Spirit 750, VLX; 750cc1998-2014
HONDAVTR1000F Super Hawk; 1000cc1998-05
HONDAVTX1800; 1800cc2002-08
HONDAXL600V Transalp; 600cc1989-90
KAWASAKINinja ZX7 ZX750; 750cc1991-99
KAWASAKIVN1500 Vulcan 1500; 1500cc1996-98
KAWASAKIVN1500 Vulcan 88; 1500cc1987-95
KAWASAKIVN750 Vulcan; 750cc1994-06
KAWASAKIVulcan 500 EN500; 500cc1990-96
KAWASAKIW650; 650cc2000-01
KAWASAKIZX1200 ZX-12R; 1200cc2000-05
KAWASAKIZX750 NINJA (S/O); 750cc1989-01
KAWASAKIZX750 Ninja ZX-7RR; 750cc1996-97
KAWASAKIZX750-L, ZX-7, Ninja; 750cc1993-95
KAWASAKIZX750-P Ninja ZX-7R; 750cc1996-99
KAWASAKIZX900 Ninja ZX9R; 900cc1994-2003
KYMCOMyroad; 700cc
KYMCOXciting; 500cc
TRIUMPHAmerican; 790cc2004-2007
TRIUMPHAmerican; 865,8852011-2013
TRIUMPHBonneville, Bonneville American, Bonneville T100; 790cc2001-2006
TRIUMPHBonneville, Bonneville T100; 865,8852009-2013
TRIUMPHDaytona 650; 650cc2005
TRIUMPHDaytona 675; 675cc2006-2013
TRIUMPHDaytona 955i; 955cc2000-06
TRIUMPHRocket III; 2300cc2004-12
TRIUMPHScrambler; 865,8852006-2013
TRIUMPHSpeed Four; 600cc2002
TRIUMPHSpeed Triple; 955cc1999-08
TRIUMPHSpeedmaster; 865,8852011-2013
TRIUMPHSprint RS, ST; 955cc2000-04
TRIUMPHSprint Sport Tour; 1050cc2005-12
TRIUMPHSprint Sport Tour; 955cc1999-01
TRIUMPHT509 Speed Triple; 500cc2000-04
TRIUMPHT595 Daytona; 955cc1997
TRIUMPHThruxton; 865,8852005-2013
TRIUMPHThunderbird Storm; 1700cc2011-2013
TRIUMPHThunderbird; 1600cc2009-2013
TRIUMPHTiger 800; 800cc2011-2013
TRIUMPHTiger Explorer; 1200cc2012-2013
TRIUMPHTiger; 1050cc2010-2013
TRIUMPHTiger; 750cc1993-06
TRIUMPHTriple Speed; 675cc2007-2013
TRIUMPHTrophy; 1200cc2013
TRIUMPHTT600; 600cc2000-04
YAMAHABolt (XVS950); 942cc2014
YAMAHAFZ6 Street; 600cc2007-09
YAMAHAFZ8; 800cc2011-13
YAMAHAFZR600; 600cc1991-99
YAMAHAFZS1000 FZ1; 1000cc2001-14
YAMAHAGTS1000; 1000cc1993-1994
YAMAHATMAX; 500cc2009-10
YAMAHAVMAX; 1700cc2009-2014
YAMAHAVMX12 V-Max; 1200cc1996-07
YAMAHAXJ600 Seca; 600cc1992-98
YAMAHAXTZ 1200 Super Tenera; 1200cc2012-13
YAMAHAXV1600 Road Star; 1600cc1997-04
YAMAHAXV1700 Road Star/ Warrior; 1700cc2002-2014
YAMAHAXV19 Raider; 1900cc2008-2014
YAMAHAXV1900 Roadliner, Stratoliner; 1900cc2006-14
YAMAHAXVS13 Stryker; 1300cc2011-14
YAMAHAXVS1300 V-Star; 1300cc2007-2014
YAMAHAXVS950V STAR; 942cc2009-2014
YAMAHAXVZ1300 Venture, Royal Star; 1300cc1996-2013
YAMAHAYZF1000; 1000cc1997
YAMAHAYZF600, R; 600cc1994-07
YAMAHAYZF750R; 750cc1994-98
YAMAHAYZF-R1; 1000cc1999-14
YAMAHAYZF-R6; 600cc1999-2013


Brand:Engine Oil Filter by Champion Labs For HONDA,KAWASAKI,KYMCO,TRIUMPH,YAMAHA |
Part Number:ph7028
Part Type: Engine Oil Filter
Comment:Champ® oil filters are made alongside the world’s leading private label and original equipment manufacturer’s filters. This ensures the most stringent filter construction requirements are met for maximum protection on today’s demanding engines.


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