Champion Labs PH7016 Engine Oil Filter For SUZUKI

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Champion Labs PH7016 Engine Oil Filter For SUZUKI


Make Model Year Engine
SUZUKIAN650 Burgman; 650cc2003-12
SUZUKIBoulevard 109R/RT; 1800cc2006-2013
SUZUKIBoulevard C50,C50C,C50T; 800cc2005-2013
SUZUKIBoulevard M50, S50; 800cc2005-2013
SUZUKIBoulevard S83; 1400cc2005-08
SUZUKIBoulvard C90, C90T; 1500cc2005-08
SUZUKIDL650A V Storm; 650cc2007-2013
SUZUKIGSF1200S, SA, Bandit; 1200cc1997-06
SUZUKIGSF1250 Bandit; 1250cc2007-09
SUZUKIGSF600S Bandit; 600cc1996-02
SUZUKIGSX1100F Katana; 1100cc1988-93
SUZUKIGSX1100G; 1100cc1991-93
SUZUKIGSX1250FA; 1250cc2010-12
SUZUKIGSX1300R Hayabusa; 1300cc1999-2013
SUZUKIGSX600F Katana; 600cc1988-04
SUZUKIGSX650F; 650cc2008-11
SUZUKIGSX750F Katana; 750cc1989-03
SUZUKIGSX-R1000; 1000cc1993-2013
SUZUKIGSX-R1100; 1100cc1986-98
SUZUKIGSX-R600; 600cc1997-2013
SUZUKIGSX-R750; 750cc1988-2013
SUZUKIGV1400 Cavalcade; 1400cc1987-88
SUZUKIGW250; 250cc2013
SUZUKIRF600R; 600cc1994-96
SUZUKIRF900R; 900cc1994-96
SUZUKISV1000; 1000cc2003-09
SUZUKISV650; 650cc1999-2013
SUZUKITL1000R; 1000cc1998-03
SUZUKITL1000S; 1000cc1997-00
SUZUKIV Strom; 1000cc2003-09
SUZUKIVL1500 Intruder LC; 1500cc1998-04
SUZUKIVL800 Intruder; 800cc2001-04
SUZUKIVS1400GL Intruder; 1400cc1987-95
SUZUKIVS1400GLP Intruder; 1400cc1996-04
SUZUKIVS700 Intruder; 700cc1987
SUZUKIVS750 Intruder; 750cc1988-91
SUZUKIVS800GL Intruder; 800cc1992-96
SUZUKIVX800; 800cc1990-93
SUZUKIVZ800, VZ800 Marauder; 800cc1997-2004


Brand:Engine Oil Filter by Champion Labs For SUZUKI |
Part Number:ph7016
Part Type: Engine Oil Filter
Comment:Champ® oil filters are made alongside the world’s leading private label and original equipment manufacturer’s filters. This ensures the most stringent filter construction requirements are met for maximum protection on today’s demanding engines.


Name Value
Height:2.68 [68mm]
I.D.:M20 x 1.0
O.D.:2.79 [71mm]
PSI Relief:Yes
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