Champion Labs P7005 Engine Oil Filter For YAMAHA

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Champion Labs P7005 Engine Oil Filter For YAMAHA


Make Model Year Engine
YAMAHA250 V-Star; 250cc2008-09
YAMAHABW350 Big Wheel; 350cc1987-88
YAMAHASR250 Exciter; 250cc1980-82
YAMAHASR500; 500cc1978-81
YAMAHASRX600; 600cc1986
YAMAHATDM850; 850cc1992-93
YAMAHATT250; 250cc1980-82
YAMAHATT350T; 350cc1987
YAMAHATT500; 500cc1976-81
YAMAHATT600; 600cc1983-86
YAMAHAXC180; 180cc1983-85
YAMAHAXC200, XC200T, XC200TC; 200cc1987-91
YAMAHAXT250 (Dual purpose); 250cc1980-83
YAMAHAXT350T; 350cc1987
YAMAHAXT500; 500cc1976-81
YAMAHAXT550; 550cc1982-83
YAMAHAXT600; 600cc1984-95
YAMAHAXV250 Route-66, XV250 Virago; 250cc1988-90, 9
YAMAHAXV500 Virago; 500cc1983
YAMAHAXV535 Virago; 535cc1988-99
YAMAHAXV550 Vision; 550cc1982-83
YAMAHAYFM350WFT; 350cc1987
YAMAHAYFM350XT; 350cc1987
YAMAHAYFP350; 350cc1987-88


Brand:Engine Oil Filter by Champion Labs For YAMAHA |
Part Number:p7005
Part Type: Engine Oil Filter
Comment:Champ® oil filters are made alongside the world’s leading private label and original equipment manufacturer’s filters. This ensures the most stringent filter construction requirements are met for maximum protection on today’s demanding engines.


Name Value
Height:2.37 [60mm]
I.D. Bottom:.31 [8mm]
I.D. Top:.66 [17mm]
O.D.:2.17 [55mm]
PSI Relief:12
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