Baldwin OAS98000 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea Filter For DAF,HEULIEZ,IVECO

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Baldwin OAS98000 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea Filter For DAF,HEULIEZ,IVECO


Make Model Year Engine
DAFTrucks; 45LF.140; LF 45LF.140 w/FR103 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.160; LF 45LF.160 w/FR118 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.180; LF 45LF.180 w/FR136 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.210; LF 45LF.210 w/FR152 E5/EEV Eng. (06/09-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.220; LF 45LF.220 w/GR165 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.250; LF 45LF.250 w/GR185 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 45LF.300; LF 45LF.300 w/GR225 E5/EEV Eng. (06/09-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.160; LF 55LF.160 w/FR118 E4 Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.180; LF 55LF.180 w/FR136 E4/5/EEV Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.220; LF 55LF.220 w/GR165 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.250; LF 55LF.250 w/GR185 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.290; LF 55LF.290 w/GR210 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 55LF.300; LF 55LF.300 w/GR220 E5/EEV Eng. (06/09-on)
DAFTrucks; 65CF.220; CF 65CF.220 w/GR165 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 65CF.250; CF 65CF.250 w/GR185 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 65CF.290; CF 65CF.290 w/GR210 (Euro 4) Eng. (07/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 75CF.250; CF 75CF.250 w/PR250S (Euro4-5) Eng. (04/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 75CF.310; CF 75CF.310 w/PR310S (Euro4) Eng. (04/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 75CF.360; CF 75CF.360 w/PR360S (Euro 4-5) Eng. (04/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 85CF.360; CF 85CF.360 w/MX265S (Euro 4-5) Eng. (05/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 85CF.410; CF 85CF.410 w/MX300S (Euro 4-5) Eng. (05/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 85CF.460; CF 85CF.460 w/MX340S Eng. (05/06-on)
DAFTrucks; 85CF.510; CF 85CF.510 w/MX375S Eng. (05/06-on)
HEULIEZBuses; GX127; GX127 w/Tector 6 F4A Eng. (Euro 4)
HEULIEZBuses; GX327; GX327 w/Iveco Cursor 8 (F2B) Eng. (Euro 4/5)
HEULIEZBuses; GX427; GX427 w/Iveco Cursor 8 Eng. (Euro 5)
IVECOBuses; Crealis; Crealis w/Cursor 8 Eng. (Euro 4/5)


Brand:Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea Filter by Baldwin For DAF,HEULIEZ,IVECO |
Part Number:oas98000
Part Type: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Urea Filter


Name Value
California Prop 65WARNING: The products described in this catalog can expose you to chemicals including Diisononyl Phthalate, Carbon black extracts, Nickel, 1,3 Butadiene, Ethylene Oxide, Epichlorohydrin, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and
Country CodeFR
DescriptionOil/Air Separator Spin-on
FitsDAF Trucks
Height4 29/32
Height (mm)124.6
I. Gskt.[1] Included
OD1 mm76.2
ReplacesCummins 4931691; DAF 1686587
ThreadM16 x 1.5
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